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Artist/Band: Airbourne Plans To Be
Home: Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
October of 2016, Airbourne released their fourth album, titled Breakin' Outta Hell
Airbourne announced "Album 5" through Facebook. A second update on March 25, 2019, confirmed that the band are recording at RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee; leading to speculation that the new album sessions are being helmed by 6-time Grammy Award-winning Producer, Dave Cobb.
Artist/Band: The Avett Brothers Plans To Be
Home: Concord, NC, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Americana, Folk, Folk Rock, indie Folk, Bluegrass
On June 13, 2019 the band announced that their next album titled Closer Than Together would release on October 4, 2019.
Artist/Band: Alex Cole Plans To Be
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Hard Rock, Retro Rock
A high-energy International Power Retro-Rock Trio playing original music that will sound new, but pleasantly familiar and will remind you of the classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Ted Nugent, George Thorogood, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and ZZ Top.
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Artist/Band: Johnny Burgos Plans To Be
Home: New York, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Soul, Indie Pop
His solo debut launched strong with a Samsung US brand ambassador deal for his debut single titled, Wild About You.
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Artist/Band: Beau Cody Plans To Be
Home: Las Vegas, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Pop
Singer songwriter born and raised in Honolulu, HI. One part reggae, one part R&B of the past, Beau Cody is a perfect musical escape in this crazy world.
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Artist/Band: Ambrose Plans To Be
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Classic Rock, Active Rock
The single they released reached #82 on American Hot/AC pop chart in the US.
Artist/Band: Promise Plans To Be
Home: Toronto, Canada, North America
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop Soul
Worked closely with Drake and a player in the video games NBA2K. Made a successful 23 gigs tour in Europe 2018.
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Artist/Band: Riders Against the Storm Plans To Be
Home: Austin, TX, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Hip-Hop
As comfortable in small intimate venues as they are on large festival stages, RAS transforms every audience they reach with a refreshing magic and flair that few possess today
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Artist/Band: LBASi Plans To Be
Home: Austin, TX, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Alternative, Folk
Publicizing several albums (Prometheus Hymns, Complaints and Visions of the Apocalypse, Occasional Urbanigram and Levitation) which can be found in all the digital stores of the Web like Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.
LBASi runs the thin line that exists between Art and Entertainment, without losing that special philosophical background that characterizes his lyrics.
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Artist/Band: Kwame Binea Plans To Be
Home: New York, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Rock, Soul, Funk
A true product of New York City, Kwame's music reflects the passion; the energy and the sounds of the city.
He continues to draw a legion of loyal fans with electrifying and inspirational performances at most of New York City's most celebrated venues including Brooklyn Bowl, Joe's Pub, Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Sullivan Hall, The Bitter End and Hard Rock Cafe.
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Artist/Band: Senza Plans To Be
Home: Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
Genre: Portugal Music, Lusophone Fusion
With their first album (Antena 1 album), they conquered more than 100 stages in India, USA, China, Timor, Brazil, and a few dozen in Europe and Africa.
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Artist/Band: Akie Bermiss Plans To Be
Home: New York, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Rock, Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, Piano Player, Singer
He is currently playing with the Brooklyn based FutureSoul band Aabaraki, the Screaming Headless Torsos, Miri Ben-Ari (the Hip Hop Violinist), Rap sensation Soul Khan, and also working with his own band, the Akie Bermiss Trio.
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Artist/Band: Rob Fusion Plans To Be
Home: Detroit, MI, U.S.A. North America
Genre: R&B, Pop Reggae
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Artist/Band: Clara Lofaro Plans To Be
Home: New York, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Rock, Pop, Soul, Piano Player, Singer
Her songs have aired on various TV networks including NBC, ABC, MTV and Lifetime. She has performed alongside Stevie Nicks, Edwin McCain, Kimberly Locke, and Jeffrey Gaines and was the featured vocalist in the Disney Super Bowl commercial "When You Wish Upon a Star" featuring MVP players of the NFL team. Clara Lofaro is the winner of 6 Toronto Music Awards
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Artist/Band: Anthony Aquarius Plans To Be
Home: Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Jimi Hendrix
"Imagine that Jimi Hendrix would come back to earth, landing in Atlanta and alone with a small amplifier come and play at your party!
I would hire him for my festivity"
Claes CallYouNet
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Artist/Band: Asif Ali Santoo Khan Plans To Be
Home: Lahore, Pakistan, Asia
Genre: Sufi
King khan The Great Qawali Artist One and only on Prince of Qawali Ustaad Asif Ali Santoo Khan
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Artist/Band: Afrik Afro Band Plans To Be
Home: Nkawkaw, Ghana, Africa
Genre: Reggae, Funk, Sophisti-Pop, African Rhythms, Afrobeats
Musical ensemble/band that has adopted African culture and heritage, and presents the pleasant flavor of the diverse rhythmic beats drawing from every corner of Africa.
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Artist/Band: Sabir Sain Plans To Be
Home: Lahore, Pakistan, Asia
Genre: Sufi
Jung Darshan Sufi Drum Group started its art when the Indian subcontinent Pakistan and India did not exist when the British rule. At that time an art lamp from the tribe of Christ burned in the hearts of all over the world with the magic of the drum drum.
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Artist/Band: Caroline Williams Blues And Soulfriends Plans To Be
Home: Stockholm, Sweden, Europe
Bandleader is the talented singer-songwriter Caroline Williams, perhaps best-known for her powerfully sensitive performance of her own song "I Have a Dream" * -- a song that is written in the spirit of, and is dedicated to the ideals of, The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and world peace. She is also the winner of many scholarships for her Jazzsinging and songwriting, and has also been a featured performer at the famed Swedish Water Festival.
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Artist/Band: Charles Wilson Plans To Be
Home: Memphis, TN, U.S.A. North America
Nominated for two W.C. Handy Awards as well as earned the title "The Crown Prince of Soul".
Worked alongside and shared stages with B.B. King, James Brown, Albert King, Lonnie Brooks, O.V. Wright, Otis Clay, Junior Walker and the All Stars, Lou Rawls, Koko Taylor, Junior Wells, and his late great uncle Little Milton
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Artist/Band: Fire In The Field Plans To Be
Home: Boston, MA, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Riff Rock n' Roll
Fire in the Field burns with a passion anointed in oils of the old gods. They slide and pump in a tight psychedelic rock n' roll soul-soiree. The tunes are spun through gargantuan blues swag, deep pocket, and searing guitar riffs like you've never heard.
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Artist/Band: Janos Olah Plans To Be
Home: Budapest, Hungary, Europe
Genre: Jazz standards, Classical, Saloon Music
All around the world on board ships playing music experienced in satisfying the needs for music by all kinds of guests in any part of the world.
The line-up of the orchestra is flexible - Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet or any other line-up is available on request.
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Artist/Band: Joel Eckels Plans To Be
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues
His songs are personal and truthful as he plays from the heart. His sound has a nostalgic quality while remaining unique and all it's own. Eckels draws influence from classic soul artists such as Bill Withers and Otis Redding, the southern soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival and his rock n' roll roots of Led Zeppelin.
With lyrics that go straight to the bone and an affinity for the funk, this artist will truly move you while he grooves you.
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Artist/Band: Kristine Mirelle Plans To Be
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Rock, Pop, Soul, Piano Player, Singer
In her earlier years she performed and competed in National classical piano competitions around the US. She won 4 consecutive National Sonata competitions and was inducted into the International Piano Guild at age 12. One of her most popular subjects for interviews was her life she chose as a traveling musician selling her music door to door in neighborhoods all over the country.
Along with her passion for music, her passion for life has created a foundation for her ambitions. Kristine Mirelle continues to be an example of instrument mastery and vocal ability in a time when true musicians are scarce.
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Artist/Band: The Altino Brothers Plans To Be
Home: New York, U.S.A. North America
Genre: Jazz, Classical
The Altino Brothers are a piano "Classical Crossover" duo team graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with Masters' degrees in Piano Performance.
Performed and headlined concerts all over the United States, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and just completed a Month long tour of China incorporating Classical, jazz, gospel and Caribbean idioms in the performances.
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